Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle: The PerfecTemp With Options!

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Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle, 2 in 1 Perfec Temp Tea Steeper & Kettle – Programmable


Because we are all individuals with our likes, dislikes, and a huge variety of tastes in all matters of things, it is gratifying to know that we have so many options when it comes to tea kettles as well. After all, what’s perfect for one of us may not necessarily be what’s perfect for someone else.

Although the Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle may not be a drop-dead gorgeous work-of-art kind of kettle, it is still a good-looking, masculine, sturdy kettle with several attributes that will surely be of interest to you. Especially if you are considering purchasing one with some pretty neat options. 
It’s a kettle that will bring your water to a boil a lot quicker than your microwave and (among other things) will give you the ability to pick from several different temperatures to allow your chosen tea to reach perfection in its flavor and aroma!


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We’ve done a review on this Cuisinart water kettle to cover as much information as possible to help you decide if this is the one which will best adapt itself to your likes and your lifestyle. We enjoyed writing this review for you, and we hope you enjoy the results and find them helpful. Please read on!

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While most of us are more familiar with the name “Conair” because of all of the personal care products on the market that are associated with the name, it’s interesting to know that Conair Corporation owns the Cuisinart brand. Cuisinart is an American brand of appliances dating back to the early 1970’s.



The ruggedly handsome Cuisinart Variable Temperature Kettle offers you six pre-set temperatures for your water. It’s great to have these options so that you can enjoy your delicious assortment of teas the way they were meant to be enjoyed. We know all teas are not created equal nor are they intended to be brewed at the same temperature!

Apart from selecting the water temperature for brewing, you will also be able to determine the depth of the flavor of your tea. There is a timer that regulates the steeping time, and it will count down to the taste that is best for you.

Something which not all electric tea kettles have (but the Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle does) is a warming option. While the water temperature will slowly begin to drop in other kettles, with this one, your water will consistently stay at your requested temperature for a maximum of 30 minutes. Giving you the option of enjoying that 2nd cup without the rush!

There is a memory built in which allows you to take the kettle off the base for 2 minutes without losing your previously chosen settings.

The base (heating) unit has various buttons right on top and easily visible: Power On/Off, Tea Type & Temperature, Select and Keep Warm.

Cuisinart 2 in 1 PerfecTemp built in memory baseImage Source

The Temperature Select button shows you the different water temperature requirements (in Fahrenheit) of various teas as follows, and is very convenient:

160 degrees for Delicate Tea
175 degrees for Green Tea
185 degrees for White Tea
190 degrees for Oolong Tea
200 degrees for Herbal Tea
212 degrees for Black Tea/Full Boil

The body of the kettle which holds the water is glass. The upper rim and pourer of the kettle are plastic as is the comfortable handle.

It will hold up to 1 liter of water while making tea or up to 1.2 liters if you are not making tea but are just using it as a water boiler. You know, like for hot chocolate, oatmeal, soups.

The body of the infuser basket where you place your tea is all stainless steel. The inner bottom part of the infuser lid (the part that touches the tea) is stainless steel while the outside is made of plastic.

Cuisinart 2 in 1 PerfecTemp Tea Steeper & Kettle Infuser Basket and Loose Leaf TeaImage Source

The lid of the infuser basket is permanently attached to the infuser by a plastic cylinder on which it slides up and down. It does slide up far enough to allow you to place your loose leaf tea or your tea bag inside without too much trouble.

The Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle also has a filter to keep particles of limescale from entering your water and thereby making sure you always have tea that is clean and delicious. It can be removed for cleaning. And when you’re ready and need to know how to clean the inside of a tea kettle, click here for some tips and learn about a great little cleaning product!



1. Lift up the removable steeping basket and the infuser from the top of the kettle.
2. Twist, lift and remove the infuser basket from the holder.
3. Slide the lid of the infuser up the cylinder and add your desired tea (loose or bag).
4. Put the lid down, secure, and place infuser back into its holder.
5. Fill the glass kettle with the desired amount of water.
6. Press the Power On/Off button.
7. Press the button to choose your Tea Type and Water Temperature.
8. Press Select button (it will start to blink as the water heats up).
9. As water is heating, place your infuser and its holding cup into the top of the kettle. Lock into place.
10. Wait for the water to heat up. Do not drop the infuser into the water before the water is completely heated. You will be notified by a beep when the water has reached the proper temperature.
11. Now you can drop the steeper into the water
12. Press the Select button again and then the Start button once more.
13. When the required steeping time is finished, the unit will beep four times and automatically switch itself over to the “Keep Warm” mode for 30 minutes.
14. Carefully lift the kettle, remove the steeping unit and put the regular lid back on.
15. Pour and enjoy your delicious, perfectly prepared, cup of tea!

You can watch the video below if you’d like to see it in action:



There have been some mixed reviews on the engineering of the infuser/steeper unit. Since the lid of the infuser basket does not detach completely, it could make it a bit of a nuisance for someone to place the loose leaf tea inside.

You have to hold the infuser lid up at the top of the cylinder on which it slides while at the same time holding the infuser itself all with one hand. You’ll need your other hand to fill the infuser with the tea. It’s not that difficult at all, but it does seem to bother some people a lot!

There have also been complaints about the fact the attached lid makes it a little harder to clean the basket.

Even though the design is sturdy and the base appears to be metal, it is plastic.

Some have complained that there are too many beeps. How many are too many? Lol!


The Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle is a great kettle with useful functionality if you are not in a rush and completely enjoy the whole process of preparing yourself a cup of tea. You need to carefully (because of the lid situation) place the tea into the infuser, close the lid, place the infuser into the holder, and then follow all the other steps described above.

While it’s not that many steps, we still feel it’s not going to get you out the door very quickly in the morning. If that is your goal, you might want to reconsider.  With this kettle, you need to slow down and allow yourself a little more time to savor the process as well as the resulting perfectly brewed cup of tea!

If you can do that, and the small reported annoyances won’t bother you, then you should be a perfect match!

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