Leaving Your Dog Home Alone…Again? Separation Anxiety in Dogs

golden retriever dog playing with two little girls in the yard

Separation Anxiety in Dogs? YES, and It’s a Real Problem!

Don’t you agree that our pups are probably living their very best lives right about now? 

Could anyone have ever thought or imagined that a tragedy such as COVID-19 would be the reason why so many of us now get to spend so much more time loving and bonding with our best friends and fur babies. And for this unexpected gift, we couldn’t be happier.

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terrier dog drinking some herbal teas and a green from white teacup

Herbal Teas and a Green for Dogs – For Their Health and Delight

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Can dogs drink tea or can dogs drink decaf tea? You are wise to ask and seek the answer before ever letting your pet sip a single drop! There actually are herbal teas and a green for dogs. Although not specifically “for” dogs (cause they’re for us humans too),  but your pup may just find them delicious and beneficial.  

Throughout the centuries, we humans have not only enjoyed herbal teas for their flavor and fragrance but also (and so importantly) for all the beneficial qualities they offer us!

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