The Mysterious Art of Tasseography – Your Future and the Tea Leaves

Man with hat having his tea leaves read by gypsy fortune teller


The art of brewing, serving, and drinking tea has been part of human culture all over the world for ages. One of the oldest ones known to modern humans, the Chinese tea ceremony, dates back to the 8th century BC and has become an integral part of everyday Chinese life.

There’s more to tea culture than just enjoying a good cup of tea or looking for the best way to brew to get the ultimate taste. If you look a little deeper, you will be aware that there are metaphorical meanings, symbolisms, and even mysticism behind every served cup of tea.

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Simplex Kettle: Is This Traditional Copper Beauty for You?

Simplex Copper Tea Kettle on Wooden Table

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Simplex Heritage 2qt. Copper Tea Kettle

The beautifully designed Simplex Heritage Copper Tea Kettle cannot help but transport us back to a “simpler time”.

Every now and then we all need to take a step back from our hectic lives and take a moment to re-energize, a moment to nourish not just our bodies, but our souls as well. That nourishment begins the moment we start to fill the tea kettle with water, knowing that in just a few minutes, the whistle’s warm, gentle song will let us know that soon, we will be enjoying a much-deserved break. Whether it is some alone time with our cup of tea or tea shared with our friends and family, the beauty of this elegant tea kettle will nourish our souls as well.Continue reading

The Grocery-Store Tea That Changed My Life

Every day one comes across another great article full of information on the amazing benefits of tea, all kinds of tea! I’ve always enjoyed drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea for its delicious flavor alone, so I especially enjoyed reading this article written by Claire Swinarski of

Claire writes about the wonders of Raspberry Leaf Tea for female related ailments (think period pains for one) and how drinking it has helped her. She also talks about its benefits for expecting moms with information backed up by Dr. Joe Alton, OB/GYN and Life Fellow of the American College of OB/GYNs.

There is also some vital information about conditions that could become aggravated by this tea, so make sure you read the entire article thoroughly before you decide to jump on the Raspberry Leaf Tea bandwagon. No matter how yummy it may be!


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6 Teas That Reduce Inflammation In The Body

woman jogger holding her knee in pain from chronic inflammation

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Inflammation is a very hot topic these days. The kind of chronic inflammation that can be devastating to our well-being as it creates turmoil in our bodies, making us susceptible to so many horrible diseases.

We would be wise to educate ourselves as much as possible on the subject and become pro-active caretakers of our health. Because of this, I’d like to share a recent article addressing this important issue. Written by Katherine Marko of

I’ve also written on the subject of green tea and matcha (you can click here to read), and also on the benefits of ginger and turmeric (click here to read). You might like to read them after reading Katherine Marko’s article.

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This 25-year-old brews a success story with his tea selling in 76 countries

Bala Sarda of Delhi-based Vahdam Teas

This is such an inspirational read! Not only because the enterpreneur whom it is about is such a young man (only 25 years old) and helping his generations-old family business become even more successful, but also because he has focused and succeeded in bringing the freshest possible tea to tea lovers everywhere. For this, Mr. Bala Sarda, we thank you and wish you continued growth and prosperity in this wonderful venture! 


Delhi-based Vahdam Teas targets the world market, by shipping out tea leaves as close to the time as they have been harvested. The US provides more than half of this funded startup’s revenues.

A Chinese proverb goes, ‘Better three days without food, than one without tea.’

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Green Tea and Matcha – Mother Nature’s Precious Gifts for a Healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit

dried loose leaf green tea and plant leaves on a wooden surface with a wooden spoon for scooping


Lately, green tea has become so mainstream in people’s food vocabulary that you practically see the ingredient everywhere!

From the non-dairy delicious iced tea blends (like the one that I’m sipping right now) to the matcha green tea powder form in decadent green tea chocolate cake and cupcakes like these little guys that always seem to make my mouth water! chocolate cupcakes with green tea matcha icing

Its’s very comforting to know that when you are in control of making your tea, food, desserts, etc., you can choose deliciously, high-quality ingredients with nutritional benefits.

What’s not so comforting, sadly enough, is that most of the green tea shown on labels in packaged foods today is purely for the taste and the hype and bears little resemblance to the real green tea, or to tea at all.

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Wagashi, The Elegant and Traditional Art of Japanese Confectionery (Candy Making)

sunflower wagashi japanese confectionery art


wagashi plum japanese confectionery artwagashi sunflower japanese confectionery art





Those of us who enjoy tea, also like indulging in a little something deliciously sweet along with our tea. Here in America, that might be a cookie, a brownie, a delicious tea bread, pound cake, or even some lovely scones (okay, maybe not traditionally American, but we sure do love them!).

However, If you happen to be visiting Japan (as someday I hope to be), you will very likely find yourself lucky enough to have your tea (especially green tea) accompanied by a bit of wagashi.

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10 Beauty Rituals To Show Yourself Some LOVE Tonight!

face of woman looking up in shower with water splashing in face


I don’t know about you, but I sure do LOVE me a good cup of tea!

But, have you any idea of the many other ways that there are to enjoy and benefit from a cup of tea beside just sitting down and drinking it?

Tea is such a marvelous addition to your beauty regime. Please let me share with you some of the best recipes I have found to get the most out of your delicious cuppa!

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The Making and Health Benefits of White, Yellow, Oolong, and Pu-erh Teas

close-up of blonde woman sipping tea from a white tea cup with both hands


Hello, friends! If you’re reading this, then it’s very likely you have enjoyed a warm, soothing cup of tea or two. Perhaps you regularly drink tea to absorb all of the wonderful antioxidants and health benefits. Or maybe it is simply to relax and be comforted by a favorite cozy and warm mug of tea.

While there are many varieties of tea to choose from, tea leaves themselves come from only one plant, the Camellia Sinensis. How can the same plant give us many different teas? Well, it’s in the magic of the processing!

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Six Herbal Teas for the Health and Delight of Our Pups!

white and brown dog drinking tea or coffee


Throughout the centuries, we humans have not only enjoyed herbal teas for their flavor and fragrance, but also (and so importantly) for all the beneficial qualities they offer us!

We’ve sought them out for help with our stomach issues and indigestion, to calm us down when our nerves are on edge, to rescue us when nausea sets in, when the throw up begins, and even when we just can’t seem to get to sleep. We’ve even turned to them for topical use when skin irritations are what we need to address.

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