Aroma Electric Kettle: Great Quality and Affordable Price Tag!

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Aroma Electric Kettle Review

Aroma H20X-Press

The ability to boil a simple pot of water is one of the essential components of any kitchen and the Aroma Electric Kettle can soon become your new best friend! Whether you want a cup of tea, some instant coffee or you need boiling water for a French press or a bowl of oatmeal; you know you need to heat up some water. 

For many years, your only option was a traditional tea kettle or a pot of water on the stove. But with electric kettles, heating up your water has never been easier or more efficient.

If you’re in the market for a quality electric kettle that won’t break the bank, the Aroma Electric Kettle H20 X-Press™ is one you should seriously consider. 

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How Does the Aroma H20 X-Press™ Work?

This Aroma water kettle is made from stainless steel to keep it from rusting and making it easy to clean.

It will hold 1.2 liters (or a little over 6 cups) of water. Most kettles you have to place on a hot stove to heat up the water, but the H20 comes with a base you put the kettle on. Once the kettle is on the base, simply press the start button, and the water will instantly start heating up.

Base with electrical cord of the Aroma Electric Tea Kettle
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While the actual time to heat up water will vary, this model is rated to heat up around one cup per minute. So, if you fill it to the brim with water, it will take just over 6 minutes to reach a full boiling point. A translucent panel on the side of the kettle lets you know exactly how much water is left. You will not have to be guessing if you have enough water for another cup.

The base will take up a small amount of space on your countertop since it is only 8 inches in diameter. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a spot to stash it away in, or just leave the kettle and the base out. The design of this particular model is both elegant, modern, and appealing so that it will look good in almost any kitchen.

A small mesh filter is fitted within the pour spout which decalcifies the water and removes mineral deposits that might be in your water. This filter is easily removable, easy to clean, easily pops back in, and keeps your water free from impurities.

The small mesh filter of the Aroma Electric Kettle
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Another helpful feature of the Aroma Electric Kettle is that the heating element never comes directly in contact with any water. Removing the possibility of scale buildup and reducing the kettle’s maintenance requirements.

What Safety Features Come with the H20 X-Press?

Probably the most important safety feature is that once you remove the kettle from its power base, you have totally obstruction-free pouring. You will find that there won’t be annoying cords tangling you up, knocking things over, or causing you to spill hot water. When you live with pets, children, or elderly family members, this is a very important feature.

Kettle cords are often short, with a limited range so that they can be awkward to pour. But with the H20 X-Press, you have a complete range to pour without any worries of the cord.

hand pouring hot water from Aroma Electric Kettle into a mug
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Another great safety feature is that the Aroma electric kettle can swivel a full 360 when it’s on the base. Therefore, it can easily be maneuvered and used by left and right-handers equally. This feature will help eliminate many of the hazards often associated with traditional kettles.

The handle is made of a rubber material that is easy to grip; thus keeping it firmly in your hand and reducing the chances of slippage. And the heat of the kettle stays on the inside; you do not have to worry about the handle heating up when you lift it off the base. It will be so relaxingly pleasant to pour yourself a cup of lovely tea!

drawing of black and white cup of steaming tea

Because the base is the power unit that heats the kettle, there are no hot surfaces left behind once you lift the kettle off of its base. With traditional kettles, you have a hot stove that is still producing a lot of heat where you can accidentally burn yourself.  And there is always the worry of fire if the stove is left on.

The Aroma Electric Kettle H20 X-Press also comes with an automatic shut-off. Once the water boils, the kettle automatically turns itself off.  Removing the chances of walking away, forgetting the kettle is on and coming back to discover all kinds of damage from the steam to your cabinets or countertops. With this model, if you walk away and forget that you’ve put the kettle on, you’ll only come back to the kettle just as you left it.

Finally, the spout on the Aroma Electric Kettle is specifically designed not to drip when you pour hot water from the kettle. It can be quite dangerous to pour boiling water from a kettle when there is a risk that water might end up all over your counter or on your skin. With the no-drip spout, you can rest easy that you will not be spilling hot water.

Is the H20 Easy to Clean?

Traditional kettles are often hard and cumbersome to clean. They often have small openings that make it next to impossible to scrub out the inside. But, because of its larger opening, this is one area where the H20 X-Press kettle is far superior to the more traditional tea kettles. 

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Since we’re talking about cleaning, please keep in mind that you must be careful to not ever completely submerge the kettle, as there are electronic components on the inside that can be damaged.

The exterior should be regularly cleaned with a warm, damp cloth to keep its shine and ensure that it remains spot-free. Believe it or now, I’ve found that a baby wipe works great for this!

The inside can be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft sponge. Simply wipe out the inside to clean, or if your hand does not fit into the opening, you can swish the water around thoroughly to clean.

Aroma suggests, that if possible, you only use distilled water to avoid mineral build up inside of the kettle. However, If you do experience mineral build up, you can take care of it by boiling half a pot full of water and then adding one cup of white vinegar and letting it soak overnight. While this is certainly one good way to do it, there are other tried and true methods as well.

Can I Use the H20 X-Press for Other Things?

Some people, looking at an electric kettle, wonder if they can do more than just boil water with it. As you look admiringly at your new, fashionable Aroma Electric Tea Kettle, you might be having the same thoughts. You may be tempted to use it to heat up some milk for your coffee or make a cup of soup. 

The convenience of having a quality device that can heat up liquids quickly could cause you to try and find alternative uses for it. However, Aroma explicitly states that this kettle is for water only. It is not designed to handle other liquids or textures.

Failure to follow Aroma’s directions on this matter could result in damaging the kettle, and most certainly would forfeit any warranty that it carries. It’s a great kettle for heating up your water quickly, and we suggest using only for that application.

Who Is Aroma?

aroma electric kettle housewares building headquarters in San Diego CaliforniaImage Source

“Aroma” is not exactly a household brand name. So, who is this company? 

Aroma Housewares Company has been making small kitchen appliances for over 40 years. Their product lines range from ice cream makers to deep fryers and from indoor grills to rice cookers.

 They are focused on making quality, elegant appliances but at an affordable price. Though their products are mostly made overseas, they are headquartered in San Diego, CA.

We find it interesting that in several of their lines, Aroma consistently outperforms larger, more well-known brands.

What Kind of Warranty Does Aroma Offer?

Aroma offers a 1-year limited liability warranty for the H20 X-Press kettle. They guarantee it will be free of manufacturer’s errors or defects within this time frame.

 If you do experience any problems within the first year, Aroma will require you to ship them the kettle for inspection and will repair or replace the unit at their discretion.

If you order the kettle through Amazon, it will be covered by their 30-day easy return policy for any reason.

Our Verdict and Very Short, Cute Video Clip

A quality electric kettle can change the way you drink hot beverages or whip yourself up some nourishing oatmeal. It is now so much safer and easier to boil several cups of water.

 And because of the Aroma Electric Kettle’s elegant design, it will look sleek and stylish on your countertop. Plus, for the price, you really can’t go wrong!

If you’re looking for a quality electric kettle, one that can be easily used by almost everyone, then this model is an excellent option for you!

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