DeLonghi Electric Kettle : Stylish and Convenient.

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       DeLonghi KBO1401W

 DeLonghi KBO1401W electric kettle

In a household of tea drinkers, oatmeal eaters, and French press brewers, an electric kettle is necessary to save time and keep up with the demand for boiled water. Through our research, we have found the electric kettle that can keep up with every family’s most avid tea drinker.








DeLonghi KMix Kettle

DeLonghi KMix Kettle in pink magenta The DeLonghi line of electric kettles is both sleek & strong, making boiling water on the stovetop a way of the past. Once you make the switch over to DeLonghi Electric Kettles, you won’t be switching to another brand of electric kettles ever!
In this article, we’ll review the two most popular DeLonghi Electric Kettles for you to be able to decide which would best suit your needs: the DeLonghi KBO1401W and the DeLonghi KMix Kettle.

Please note that you will also see images for the Delonghi KBO1401R and the Delonghi KBO1401B  They are all the same model, different color.   W=White, the B=Black, and  R=Red.

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How Do The DeLonghi Electric Kettles Work?

Both kettles reviewed in this article operate the same way. You fill the kettles through the spout (to use the water filter) or through the lid (for faster fill time). Once the kettle is filled with the desired amount of water, you simply close the lid by pressing down until it clicks, then you set the kettle on top of its power base, plug in and press on. The kettle will begin to heat up and automatically switch off once the water has boiled.

It’s that simple. And if you would like to re-boil water, wait a few seconds before turning the kettle back on, as the on/off switch needs time to rest in between uses. It is also good to note that there is an escape valve for steam at the bottom of these kettles, which results in moisture on the base. This condensation is normal and no cause for concern.

What Is The DeLonghi KBO1401W Electric Kettle?

The DeLonghi KBO1401W Electric Kettle is stylish and modern with a ‘50s aesthetic to it. Available in white, black or red with a retro chrome finish, its quirky yet timeless shape is sure to match well in and even class up any kitchen. It has a capacity of 57.5 oz (1.7-liter) and a built-in water filter to prevent scale build up. The 360° swivel and detachable base provide ease of use and make going cord-free simple.

DeLonghi red kbo1401r electric kettle with cord

anti scale filter of the DeLonghi Electric Kettle

While the majority of this kettle is steel, the water level indicator that is conveniently located at the back of the kettle is made of plastic. The safety features of this DeLonghi Kettle include automatic shut off when the water starts to boil, as the kettle is lifted from the base, and also when it reaches too high of a thermal temperature to prevent overheating. The kettle will also not turn on if the water level is too low, which prevents the kettle from drying out.

This model has a significant grip on its feet which does wonders for keeping it from slipping off the counter or from scratching your surfaces. As for cleaning, this DeLonghi kettle comes with a removable, washable anti-scale filter which helps prevent the buildup of calcium and extends the life of the appliance; it also makes cleaning less frequent and simpler. At 9.4” in diameter and only 2.8 pounds, there is room for this retro kettle in every kitchen. Think about how it would look in yours!

What Is The DeLonghi Kmix Kettle?

High quality with a simple yet striking appearance, the DeLonghi Kmix Kettle comes in a range of colors to liven up any kitchen. You can choose from a selection of orange, magenta, green, yellow, blue, black, red, and white. Excellently crafted in stainless steel, this kettle is durable. It has been referred to as the industrial strength kettle” by consumers. Its exterior is made of die-cast aluminum, meaning it will last that much longer.

DeLonghi KMix Kettle in pink magenta with top popped up

With a 1.6-liter capacity and a detachable base for cord-free use, it makes serving easy and enjoyable. A simple fillable spout and removable limescale water filter eliminate impurities and deposits in the water ensuring tasty beverages. Some consumers report leakage through the on/off switch. If that is to happen, it is covered under the warranty and will be taken care of by DeLonghi.

And while this kettle does not beep when water boils, it will automatically switch off. Taking only six minutes to boil a whole pot, you, your family and even your pups will be enjoying hot drinks in no time (just cool it down a bit for the pups). Some consumers have also noted that there is a hefty price tag accompanying this simple kettle but have written that off because of its durability and longevity.

How Is A DeLonghi Electric Kettle Cleaned?

DeLonghi recommends cleaning the inside of the electric kettle regularly, especially if you live in hard water areas. If your area does happen to supply you with hard water, cleaning is recommended once a month. Otherwise, if you receive soft water, cleaning should occur once every three months.

DeLonghi suggests using a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts water. Once the solution is put in the kettle, switch the kettle on. Then, switch off just before it reaches its boiling point. Leave the mixture sitting in the kettle. How long you leave it sitting will depend on the severity of the scale build-up. Then dump out the mixture; fill the kettle with fresh water, boil, and empty. Repeat the entire process a second time; then your kettle should be clean and ready to use.

a bottle of vinegar and a clear glass of waterImage Source

If additional cleaning is needed for the filter, remove the filter, run under some water, and scrub with a soft brush. If the kettle is switching off or on during use, or before the water has boiled, check that the flat element does not have limescale build up. Keeping your kettle clean will lengthen its life and deliver better-tasting drinks. Descaling your DeLonghi kettle will also ensure your warranty is intact.

There is a very convenient option for you to try as well as the one described above. There are these ready to go little packets that the brand, Breville, makes especially for cleaning the inside of their tea kettles, but can be used even if your tea kettle is not a Breville brand.

Breville Revive Organic Tea Cleaner
Hard-working, thorough and gentle organic tea cleaner!

They’ve gotten great reviews, people that have used them love them and they sure sell out quickly. You can read more about them and check out the current price on Amazon by following this link – just click here. It’s always nice to have options!

Who Is DeLonghi?

The DeLonghi family founded the DeLonghi Company in Italy in 1902. Starting out by making small, portable heaters and air conditioners, the company incorporated in 1950 and expanded to make many small household appliances.

DeLonghi Company Building

The design and engineering of DeLonghi products occur in Italy, while the production takes place in China. DeLonghi is famously known for their espresso machines and gelato makers, but their electric kettles are consistently growing in popularity and use.

What Kind Of Warranty Does DeLonghi Offer?

DeLonghi offers warranties on all electric kettles. In normal, domestic use their products are warranted, protecting against all faults in manufacture for one year. In circumstances of non-domestic use, DeLonghi shortens the warranty to 6 months.

DeLonghi’s warranty claims repairs and replacements due to manufacturing faults for no charge during the warranty period. But, you will need to keep in mind that they will not cover faults or damages caused by the owner due to misuse, neglect, or incorrect installation.

The warranty also does not cover any work done by anyone other than an Authorized DeLonghi After-Sales Service Representative.


Getting great boiled water just got quicker! Now you can have an entire kettle boiled in just around 6 minutes. If you want a retro look with modern features, the DeLonghi KBO1401W is for you. If you want industrial strength with a pop of color, the DeLonghi KMix is the one for you.

The convenience, stylish appearance and multi-purpose of the DeLonghi line of kettles make either of them a must have in your kitchen. When you finally own one, you’ll ask yourself why in the world you waited so long!


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