Electric Tea Kettle for Boiling Eggs???

We found the video below to be quite entertaining, funny and a tiny bit informative! Couldn’t wait to share it with you and give you some “food for thought” lol. ¬†Never would have considered using an electric tea kettle for boiling eggs in this way, and still not quite sure if we would, but we’re certainly not judging anyone. As they say “Whatever floats your boat”…

Be sure to click on the link below to take a look, it’s not too long ūüôā


After reading through different comments and thoughts about this, it was interesting to see the varied reactions of people. Some were horrified at the thought of boiling eggs in the same kettle you boil water for your tea. Others found it  perfectly acceptable and practice the habit on a regular basis. For many, it seems to have been a part of their childhood and totally expected and acceptable.

The naysayers argue that a kettle is meant only to boil fresh, clean water for our teas or other beverages of choice. The tea (or whatever) that you consume after having boiled eggs in the same kettle is bound to taste a little funky and maybe even contain a few unwanted pieces of egg particles and perhaps bacteria.

electric kettle for boiling eggs

The solution to this small issue, according to those in favor, is to simply boil a couple of pots of water without eggs and then just dump the water. After that, they claim, the water will not have any more weird egg taste or odor. And as far as any concerns about particles or bacteria, this should all die off at 165 degrees Fahrenheit, so by the time you reach a boil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit; you should be good to go!

Now here’s one reasonably good¬†argument (for¬†some of us)¬†that¬†we came across¬†for using a tea kettle as¬†an egg boiler while in Europe. Eggs are not a staple for breakfast in several European countries where pastries are the norm. If¬†you enjoy boiled eggs for breakfast and are going to be traveling in Europe for a while, it might not be such a bad idea to have a kettle nearby so that you can get your morning¬†egg fix every¬†now and then!





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