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Natural Toothache Remedies Using Teas and Herbs

sprig of yarrow for natural toothache relief

Have you ever considered trying natural toothache remedies using teas and herbs?
It’s something you can do easily and quickly until you can see a dentist.

Usually, a toothache can be caused by swelling due to anything from a cavity, a cracked tooth, an infection in your gums, or even a sinus situation. These might all cause throbbing gums and intense, pulsating headaches and of course, a very achy mouth.

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Spilling the Tea – We all have our own tea story to tell

white cup of tea on white saucer being spilled

I’m writing this, in particular, today for one of my dear cousins because she asked me the question. And I was just going to answer her in a text message but then decided that first of all, I can type a heck of a lot faster than I can text and secondly, I can easily share it with anyone else who might just be interested in reading it. After all, we all have our own tea story to tell…

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Natural Treatment for Anxiety, Our Gift From A Healing Plant

Natural Treatment for Anxiety

Tea for Anxiety Relief

I’m a huge lover, supporter, and shouter outer of green tea. It is so much more in its completeness than just a beverage, just a liquid, just a fad. Did you know that it could be your natural treatment for anxiety, as it has been for me?

Green tea can do so much for our health than many people imagine. And it’s not just “maybe” or “perhaps” or ” thought to.” No no no – research backs these claims, these are evidence-based truths.

This wonderful drink is the healthiest thing you can drink on our planet. And now you’ll know why it can also be such an excellent natural treatment for anxiety. It’s the perfect tea for anxiety relief!

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