white cup of tea on white saucer being spilled

Spilling the Tea – We all have our own tea story to tell

What’s Your Tea Story?

I’m writing this, in particular, today for one of my dear cousins because she asked me the question. And I was just going to answer her in a text message but then decided that first of all, I can type a heck of a lot faster than I can text and secondly, I can easily share it with anyone else who might just be interested in reading it. After all, we all have our own tea story to tell…

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The Mysterious Art of Tasseograpy and Tea Leaf Reading Meanings

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reading the tea leaves


The art of brewing, serving, and drinking tea has been part of human culture all over the world for ages. One of the oldest ones known to modern humans, the Chinese tea ceremony, dates back to the 8th century BC and has become an integral part of everyday Chinese life.

There’s more to tea culture than just enjoying a good cup of tea or looking for the best way to brew to get the ultimate taste. If you look a little deeper, you will be aware that there are metaphorical meanings, symbolism, and even mysticism behind every served cup of tea. So go ahead, take that deeper look and Tasseography will open your eyes and your mind to the possibilities!

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