sprig of yarrow for natural toothache relief

Natural Toothache Remedies Using Teas and Herbs

Your Teas and Herbs Can be Great Natural Toothache Remedies

Have you ever considered trying natural toothache remedies using teas and herbs?
It’s something you can do easily and quickly until you can see a dentist.

Usually, a toothache can be caused by swelling due to anything from a cavity, a cracked tooth, an infection in your gums, or even a sinus situation. These might all cause throbbing gums and intense, pulsating headaches and of course, a very achy mouth.

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healing teas

Make Delightful Healing Teas from Twelve Common Herbs and Spices

Being tea lovers (just like you) we’ve put together a quick list of some excellent  healing teas made from twelve common herbs and spices that you’ll be happy to have in your home when that unexpected bug comes knocking on your door. Fortunately, you don’t need to feel sick to enjoy their deliciousness, but you’ll be extra appreciative of their well-documented healing benefits if you are!

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