what is a flowering tea?

What is a Flowering Tea? The Most Breathtaking Work of Tea Art for Mind-Body-Soul

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You’re a lover of tea and it is one of the great simple pleasures you look forward to each day, but perhaps you are not familiar with and have wondered “What is a flowering tea?”.


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flowering, blooming tea
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Flowering tea is an astonishingly beautiful blooming tea art! Some refer to it as a display tea, a blossoming or blossom tea, a blooming or bloom tea, art tea, hand-tied tea (just to name a few) but all describing expertly hand-crafted bundles of fresh flowers and delicate, soft green or white tea leaves and buds skillfully sewn together by artisans into a particular shape.


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sunflower wagashi japanese confectionery art

Wagashi, The Elegant and Traditional Art of Japanese Confectionery (Candy Making)


wagashi plum japanese confectionery artwagashi sunflower japanese confectionery art




Wagashi, a word that is perhaps unknown to many of us, but that describes such an elegant and traditional candy making art in the Japanese culture.

Those of us who enjoy tea, also like indulging in a little something deliciously sweet along with our tea.  Here in America, that might be a cookie, a brownie, a delicious tea bread, pound cake, or even some lovely scones (okay, maybe not traditionally American, but we sure do love them!).

However, If you happen to be visiting Japan (as someday I hope to be), you will very likely find yourself lucky enough to have your tea (especially green tea) accompanied by a bit of wagashi.

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